PhD School Speakers

Keynote Speaker – Dr Urška Demšar, School of Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews


Dr Urška Demšar is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, UK and an established international leader in Geographic Information Science (GIScience). She is Associate Editor of the International Journal of GIScience and leads the Bell-Edwards Geographic Data Institute (BEGIN) in St Andrews. She specialises in movement analytics, developing new animal movement and human mobility methods. Her current research vision is to bring a spatial data science perspective to difficult data problems in movement ecology, which traditional methods may not be able to address.

Keynote – “Integrated Science of Movement: bringing together human mobility and animal movement research”

Movement is a fundamental property of life. Movement analysis has been a focus of many disciplines, that use similar research objectives and data models to study this phenomenon. Despite this, there is still little overlap in the awareness and sharing of movement concepts, methods and models between disciplines. A particularly big gap exists between the analysis of animal and human movement. Animal movement is typically studied in ecology, while human movement studies span various disciplines, including GIScience, geography, transportation, computer science, and physics. In this talk, we compare methods on both sides of the divide and argue for establishing an Integrated Science of Movement, which provides a framework for movement research in any discipline.

Other speakers


Lecture – “Data-Driven Mobility: Improving Trip Experience with Location Data at Bolt”

Bolt is the all-in-one mobility app operating in over 500 cities worldwide, operating services of ride-hailing, delivery, car-sharing and micromobility covering a wide range of our customers’ varying needs. In this presentation, we take a sneak peek into how a large mobility company can make use of location data to optimise business operations and improve customers’ travel experience.